LSR Moulds

Regoform has comprehensive knowledge of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) mould manufacturing.
We have developed our own nozzle technology. As a result of this development, we are able to offer the most competitive waste less production solution in LSR moulds.

Regofom offers competitive, fully automatic solutions for both advanced 1 component parts, and complex 2 component (Plastic / Silicone) production.

Regoform currently offer 2 direct injection solutions.

Fully balanced Open nozzle
Mostly suited for small parts, gating ranging from 0,25mm to 0,70mmFully adjustable needle shutoff valve.
Suited for larger parts, and difficult fill-in parts.
Regoform’s needle shutoff system has the advantage of being easily adjustable for the operator, so an even fill of the mould cavities of ±0,1% can be achieved.

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